Most commercial patients have preferred coverage for HUMIRA across all indications


Questions about your patients’ specific coverage for HUMIRA?
Request a HUMIRA Complete Field Access Specialist.

Field Access Specialists can provide patient-specific support with access and reimbursement. Reach out to a Field Access Specialist for help with:

  • Access: Education on payer prior authorization and appeals processes to determine the best access solution for your patient
  • Financial Support: Options to consider based on each patient’s unique insurance coverage situation
  • Reimbursement: Resources on billing and coding

Use your National Provider Index (NPI) number to start your request for a Field Access Specialist.


As of April 2024, HUMIRA has >70% preferred national commercial and Medicare Part D formulary coverage under the pharmacy benefit.2*

*Preferred means HUMIRA is on a preferred tier or otherwise has preferred status on the plan’s formulary.

Coverage requirements and benefit designs vary by payer and may change over time. Please consult with payers directly for the most current reimbursement policies.

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